Gold leaf guilding is a technique that dates back thousands of years. Signrite are one of the few companies that confidently offer this service in all different aspects, such as gold leaf honour boards, guilding of picture frames, mirrors and statues. Reverse guilding can be done on glass picture surrounds and office windows generally used for lawyers and accountants. Large walls can also be covered; the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) commissioned Signrite to cover two walls (22 x 3.5m) in gold leaf for one of their exhibition rooms. It took 7000 sheets of gold and approximately one month to complete.


Neon signage is a technique that dates back over a hundred years. While the manufacturing process hasn’t changed in that time, the equipment has become more efficient and there is a greater glass colour range available. Glenn Campbell of Signrite is the most experienced neon bender in Tasmania. He has the skill and expertise to repair any existing damaged or faulty neon sign, and together with Signrite’s talented designers he can create a brand new neon sign to bring your business to life. There’s no other illuminated sign option that creates the impact that neon does!


Lightboxes are typically square or rectangle signs that are illuminated from the inside at night. While traditionally illuminated with florescent tubes, many signs are now being lit with LED’s which have the advantages of cutting down on running and maintenance costs, being more efficient and lasting longer. Signrite can custom-make a lightbox to any size and shape, from round or square to individual 3D letters. Team a lightbox with neon around the outside and your customers will have no chance of missing you!


Signwriting is supposedly being pushed aside in favour of high-tech digital printers that can print onto virtually anything. The one thing a digital printer can’t provide, however, is the character and prestige of a professionally hand painted sign. Signrite is passionate about keeping this artform alive, from a day-glow shop SALE window, to truck pinstriping and scrolls to building walls. Being traditionally trained allows Signrite to think outside the computer screen when surveying a potential site, and helps to create and construct your next sign in the most efficient way.


Digital printing is a broad term that covers many aspects of the signage industry. Most sign companies own a digital printer, from the “small” 760mm printers up to ones capable of printing 5 metres wide.

At Signrite we are committed to keeping up with technological advancements to remain a leader in the industry. We operate a Roland wide format printer which is capable of producing the finest detailed artwork, all the way up to large billboards. Pull-up banners, canvas prints, flags, vehicle wraps and shop fronts can all be produced on the printer, allowing high quality and exact reproduction at low or high volumes of the same artwork without the setup costs of screen printing. Using our traditional training and widespread experience in design and layout we are able to create clean, eye catching signs and graphics that maximise your signage investment.